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Welcome to the Group Therapy Universe!

🔥 A Dark & Spicy Reverse Harem Romance 🔥

This is a highly triggering series and not for everyone. Read at your own risk.

Dark Reverse Harem | Spicy Romance 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ | #WhyChoose

Group Therapy Book 1: Groupthink

New to my work? Read this one first.
Readers have said this is "an all-nighter."


Group Therapy Book 2: Shadowplex

Enemies to lovers. Intensely poetic and stimulating.
By the end, you'll demand I be hanged.


Group Therapy Book 3: Polyanimus

This book will rip out your heart and soul.
Can't wait. Coming Soon!

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Concept Art | Character Art | Environmental Art | NSFW Art

My characters demand to be sketched.
I fill in details.
Then I take it digital.

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Best-Selling Author | Visual Storyteller | Concept Artist

Lauren League | Author & Artist

I’m Lauren League, a 7-time Amazon Best-Selling Author and concept artist. I write avant-garde, artistic romance novels and you best believe they’re always spicy!

My stories tend to land in the Dark Reverse Harem Romance, Why Choose, and Psychological Thriller categories, but I'm not strict about it.

My work explores complex ideas of the Self through the lens of romantic relationships. As long as it's doing that, is poetically gooey, leads the reader through the story at warp-speed, and has swoon-worthy characters who all bang—

—it's a Lauren League book.

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