I'm Lauren League, an artist, writer, and designer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I’m Lauren League, an artist & writer.

Top Values: Authenticity, Depth, Joy, Fun

📍Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

🎨 Internationally-Selling Artist

📚 7-Time Amazon Best-Selling Author

📝 Prolific Blogger (Personal Diary/Sketchbook Style)

🖥️ Ex-Meta Software Engineer & Product Designer

🎓 Dual Bachelor's Degree in ArtDes & Psychology from the University of Michigan

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About the paintings

I create large abstract paintings and sell them to collectors all over the world. Check out my recent work in my originals shop or print shop!

Abstract art is challenging to describe. I could tell you that my paintings are based on something pretentious, or that I create them with deliberate intent to make some ambiguous political statement, but that would be a bunch of nonsense.

The truth is, I had a near-death experience when I was very young and that opened my mind up to something.

I don't know how to describe it, and I'm struggling to articulate it here, but it made it so these vivid colors and shapes jump into my mind when I'm dozing off. I can feel that they're from "somewhere else," but I'm not going to pretend to know what that's all about. I just paint what it shows me.

Story: My first sale as an artist

Story: My near-death experience

About the writing

I've published 30 novels under various pen names and 7 became Amazon best-sellers. This success allowed me to leave the soul-crushing grip of Corporate America and pursue my creative career full-time.

Now I publish stories with my real name and use my artistic skills to draw characters and scenes. You can find out more about my books and upcoming release dates here.

I also write authentically about life experiences on my blog. It's like a diary/sketchbook. If you're new to my work, it'll give you a pretty good sample of my writing style.

Story: The first dollar I ever earned from writing

Story: Publishing my first novel under my real name

Art & Storytelling
Original abstract modern paintings, books, prints, and posters made by Lauren League.

Products are sold worldwide and collected by readers, home and business owners, decorators, and interior designers.
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